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Former Disney Imagineer and amusement park designer Bob Gurr discussed his long career in design on March 13 at the Hollywood Heritage Museum in Los Angeles. Gurr was once an automobile designer, and is one of the last remaining Imagineers who worked arm-in-arm with Disney to bring his world-famous theme park to life. Gurr’s accomplishments include designing the world’s first monorail, as well as iconic rides and animatronics such as  Universal Studio’s King Kong, and Disney Land’s President Lincoln. http://kp.cc/11rnbmd

Supreme Court of the United States: United States v. Windsor - Oral arguments

Supreme Court of the United States oral arguments on Hollingsworth v. Perry - arguing the constitutionality of California’s Prop. 8, which was passed by voters in 2008 and banned same-sex marriage.

Source: http://www.supremecourt.gov/oral_arguments/argument_audio_detail.aspx?argument=12-144

Our newest instagram challenge!

"Neon Dreams"

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Happy 200th Birthday, “Pride and Prejudice”! 

To listen in on Take Two celebrating the birthday of the classic English novel click here: http://kp.cc/WJF2lK

Can you imagine LA with a series of interconnected public parks? With major freeways cutting through canyons and hills?

An upcoming exhibit at Los Angeles’ A+D Architecture and Design Museum explores a version of L.A. that was imagined, but never built.  http://kp.cc/11RV1E7

That Nylon turned 75 this year, but it’s tragic human back story is rarely told. 

Here’s a part of KPCC’s series on the science, options and dilemma of dual language education. More at: http://kp.cc/BilingualKids