Goodbye, Alan Deane. We’ll miss you.

Anybody who has attended an event at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum (CFF) since we opened in March 2010 is likely to have seen or spoken with Alan Deane—an avid KPCC fan and loyal patron of the CFF.  “Homeless by choice,” Alan frequented our events, was always the first to RSVP, and rode his bike from Eagle Rock for every program.  He developed relationships with members of our staff as well as with other CFF patrons.

Early last Friday morning, we received an email from a friend of Alan Deane’s letting us know that he had passed away. Apparently, we were on an email list of Alan’s so the friend wanted to let us know that Alan was involved in a traffic collision while on his bike and that “it was very quick.”  He also wanted to know if we had any information on the whereabouts of Alan’s family members so the police could get in touch with them.

In a response to an email we sent after receiving the news, Alan’s friend wrote, “He loved those events, they were interesting and, importantly, free!  He was always excited when he came back from one.  He was estranged from most of his family, but through the e-mail blast I was able to track down his father and aunt and they have now been notified.”

A Pasadena Star News article on Thursday evening reported that a 61-year-old man had died of his injuries after his bicycle had collided with a car at 6:13pm in Pasadena.  Based on the reported direction that the bicyclist was going, the time of the accident, and the fact that we had a CFF event that evening that Alan had RSVP’d for, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume he was on his way to us.

As it turns out, Alan attended all but one of our public events in the past year-and-a-half and influenced many of our public conversations.  He was an active member of the community we have just begun to build here and will be missed.

- Jon Cohn, Crawford Family Forum

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