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This 2006 oil painting titled “Las Indias” by artist Raul Guerrero will be on display at the exhibit “Letters from Los Angeles” at the LA Art Show. http://kp.cc/WntGTw

Courtesy of Jack Rutberg Fine Arts

Just stumbled upon Moby’s Flickr collection of L.A. architecture. His photos are quite well composed and he even gives us a glimpse of his own dreamy, foliage-enveloped home in Hollywood.

What I like about his collection is he couples his images with text explaining what the building is (if he has that info) and why he decided to capture this slice of L.A. He doesn’t just capture the neighboring mansions perched over us in the Hollywood Hills, but also tiny and run-down craftsmen homes, homely and poorly designed houses, and famous historical landmarks.

Head on over to Moby’s Photos to see more.