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Yes, this is a shirt. And yes, we think it’s awesome. Take Two producer Leo Duran wears it well. #publicradiostyle

Who are you rooting for in this year’s #WorldCup? Take a #WorldCupSelfie and tell us why you love your team. 

KPCC staff has been watching the games; here are our favorite teams:

Top left: Andrew Gould, an Englishman rooting for his home country.

Top right: Edgar Aguirre, KPCC’s Managing Director, External Relations and Strategic Initiatives, will be supporting Mexico. He’s wearing the team’s home jersey.

"I have a soft spot in my heart for Mexico," he says. "I’m Mexican-American, and ever since I was a little boy I’ve been rooting for that team. They are kind of a Cinderella story this year — it was very difficult for them to get into the World Cup. They’ve faced a tremendous amount of adversity and challenges and barely just squeezed in."

Bottom left: Jon Cohn, KPCC’s manager of production for community events and programs, says, “I am rooting for Germany, partly. I was in for the 2006 World Cup and have been a fan for the Germany national team since, but I’m also rooting for the U.S.”

Bottom right: Dorian Merina, a reporter/producer for KPCC’s Take Two show, will be rooting for Brazil. He says, “They are the host country, they have a great culture, and a lot of fun they bring to the tournament.”

KPCC is more than a radio station. We reach beyond our signal to provide intelligent, local coverage wherever Southern California gets its news. Now, we’ve got a new iPad app to help us reach further.

Learn more below, on our welcome page or use this link to head to the app store.

Want to know what to expect? Here’s a quick overview video and a detailed tour.

The Short List

With the app’s launch, we’re introducing The Short List, a digest of the best stories from KPCC and around the web. Our mobile producers scour the web to select and summarize the day’s most essential stories, pair them with rich photos, and publish them each morning and afternoon.


An easy listening experience

Tremendous attention went into the design of our audio player, which is docked at the bottom of the screen. Tap play when you launch the app to start the KPCC live stream, or save stories or episodes as you find them for later listening.

Everyone has favorite programs, whether they’re NPR mainstays like Radiolab and This American Life or Air Talk and Take Two, broadcast here in Pasadena. KPCC for iPad tailors itself to each of our listener’s diverse preferences. Selecting favorites in the app’s Programs section will automatically add links to those shows to the app’s navigation. When they become available, new episodes may be automatically added to the queue.


Gorgeous photos and video

Without having to pause the audio, the app also showcases KPCC’s extensive visual journalism with an immersive full-screen presentation that’s unique to the tablet. Photo slideshows and video are available via the navigation or embedded in the news itself.


All our Crawford Family Forum events in one place

Beyond listening to and reading the news, the app is an open invitation to engage with the issues impacting Southern California. The Live Events section lists all upcoming events at the Crawford Family Forum. RSVP to any future event, or stream them live.


We’re doing something different here at KPCC. We built this app in-house, alongside the reporters, hosts and editors you trust and based on our audience’s insight and ideas.

Critical input from more than 600 users shaped the app you can download today, but the collaborative process has only just started. As a member-supported news organization, we depend on your feedback to develop and refine the services that we provide. The feedback button in the app’s menu is vitally important. Please use it often as you get to know the app, or email us at mobilefeedback@kpcc.org.

We’d love to hear from you.

— Alex Schaffert, Digital Director
— Joel Withrow, Product Manager
— Sean Dillingham, Manager of UX Design and Development
— P. Kim Bui, Senior Producer, Mobile Content
— Ben Hochberg, Mobile Developer

#SoCalifornia: The Golden State through your eyes

(Photo: courtesy of Robin Chang)

We’re developing our first iPad app and are looking for Beta Testers! Sign up here: http://kp.cc/kpccapp


When Gabe Angemi became a full time firefighter in Camden, New Jersey he thought he had to give up photography. But now he shoots more than ever.

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